An Erasmus+ project

The Project

The Project

The key message of this project is:

“When we share, we win”.

By learning communities we mean forms of exchange and cooperation that are either self-organised or community-based and ideally supported by the involvement of educational authorities.

The Learning Communities are concerned with solutions to upcoming problems in everyday education, with challenges in education at different levels of the system, with the creation, exchange and further development of teaching materials, etc.



Goals and Impact of RLCF

P R O J E C T  M A I N  G O A L S

• The training of 24 Regional Learning Community Facilitators

• At least 12 Regional Learning Communities in 4 European countries

• The creation of a European cross-border learning community with at least 48 active members

• The development of a Learning Community Facilitator Curriculum, which will later become a standard KA1 workshop offer

• The development of an AI-supported passive networking platform for teachers and school stakeholders to test a further development option for eTwinning that currently only relies on active search functions

E X P E C T E D  I M P A C T  O F  T H E  P R O J  E C T

• Teachers as perfect networkers who will create added value in exchange at local, regional, national and European levels and who will facilitate a successful acquisition of leadership skills

• With their explicit cooperation know-how, the participating institutions will have developed into attractive contacts in the further training of leadership skills for teachers. With their commitment to the project, it will of course also be in their own interest to build sustainable communities in their own local, regional and national contexts. With know-how about Teachers Community Development, they will definitely become shapers of cultural change in their national contexts.

• Supporting cooperation for more effective and efficient school development and teaching

• Avoidance of health effects caused by isolation. Especially in the sense of a psychosocial understanding of health and the apparent mass phenomenon of burnout among teachers.

• Creating sustainable awareness of the principle of cooperation among decision-makers and system designers

• Networked teachers are able to absorb innovations and current topics much faster, which in turn guarantees training at the current methodological-didactic levels, but also in terms of content.

• Strengthening the European metropolitan area through a voluntary network of teachers under the premise of preserving national sovereignty over education

• These intrinsically motivated networks will be the appropriate docking stations for the School Education Gateway, for eTwinning and for Erasmus. They will bring the wealth of European educational know-how into flow, aerate it, drive it forward. We expect educational movement by networking the true experts in the education system, the teachers.


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